Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Lies The Devil Spins

"This is why, this is why
Whispers the devil as I cry
This is why your future will never go right
His words fill me with fright.
You'll push people away for good
Even the ones who'd stay if they could
All who matter now, you'll lose
You'll learn to scar and bruise.
You'll understand what you've lose once it's gone
And yet you'll have always knows it's wrong
You'll bring the best people down
All you'll ever earn is a shameful frown
You'll grow up alone and old
You'll grow up bitter and cold
You'll have no one in the end
At your death bed there will be not one friend.
Least that's all the devil keeps saying
And still my future keeps on greying.
My future is flooded in doubt
The more I keep worrying about.
The more I play scenes over in my head,
Make me believe all the devil said.
He tells me the consequences of my flaws
He shows me that I'm growing sharp claws"