Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thoughts on Kony 2012

So I won't lie. But I am pretty sick of all of this spam going on through the internet.
It's all over YouTube, and it's all over FB. It's only been a few days since it's been released too. It's way too much.
 Watched the whole thing last night. At first, I admit, I was more for it, and thought it was a good thing to do. But the more I thought about it, I realized how messed up it all was.
We all want to have a good feeling and feel like we are standing up for something.
And yet, we forget to actually, really, deeply think of things.

I don't think that it's America's place to step into this situation. Sure, we all want justice, but America isn't giving justice in her own country as it is!
Americans protest at the death penalty when a serial killer, who has killed hundreds of people in brutal ways is brought to trial. They say, "Put him in jail with a life sentence! But don't take his life!"
Justice is not served rightly in this country.
So how do we expect to serve it in another country?

And not only that, but consider that America is already in a deep financial ditch. Why should we spend more money on a country that isn't our business? We don't need to go into more debt. Just going to raise more taxes and whatnot. Sending soldiers to another country just to get someone isn't worth all the money it will cost.

Oh, and now you are probably thinking that this all sounds rather harsh. Thinking I don't have much of a heart. But remember that this world will always need justice. Ridding the world of one "infamous man" isn't enough, evil will still reign somewhere in the world.
Getting rid of one man won't make this world a better and happier place. Won't at all. I don't think it will be good for America to go into something like this. Think people need to start using their minds and really start thinking over this Kony thing.
Because, to be quite honest, this spam is really annoying. So those are my thoughts, had to get them out somewhere.

God Bless,


  1. As a christian in America i have been burdened by the idea that much has been given to us, hence much more is expected from us. Yes we do have problems here in the US and lately i have been convicted about these problems because i haven't really sacrificed the time and energy to love my neighbor as myself. But we have it well in America compared to these kids in Uganda. Sure we might be in a defficiet , but instead of being in a defficiet and in a foriegn country hijacking oil, i feel that we as a country can spend our time in defficiet more wisely.

    I have been talking to many people at work about this Kony issue and they all say the same thing, "we already have problems of our own and we are not the world's police ". All these arguments typically come from men. Most of the women i work with are pretty much for Kony 2012 (i find this interesting, but thats another story). What you are saying is true though, we do need to fix up some things here in the US. but the problem is that not many people are taking a step to help fix these local problems. The world is selfish, but we as christians are called to sacrifrice our time and energy to help spread the Gospel and to do the good works the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed for us to do. God calls us to help the widows and the orphans. He also calls us to stand up for what is good and just. This Kony thing might lead us into more debt. Which means we might have to sacrifice a meal a day or miss out on buying that new iphone. but hey at the end of our lives ,whether we deliver justice or not , at least we can say to our Lord and Saviour, "i tried".

  2. I understand what you are saying, but giving money to this organization is doing very little.
    I've read a few articles about it. Doesn't seem to be the best organization to give money to according to this article--

    This Kony 2012 isn't really spreading the Gospel at all, if it was a Christian organization I think it would be worth giving our time and energy and money to.


  3. I understand that there main intention is not the spreading of the Gospel nor is it to get your money, there main intention is to raise awareness of Kony. I just think that the least we, as christians in America, can do is tell our goverment and Ameria in general to stop ignoring the cries of these children. Jesus said to love God with all our heart mind and soul, and to love our neighboors as ourselves. Spreading the Gospel is the greatest act of love we can do towards humanity , but does not God also call us to care for the orphans and the oppressed? Im not saying we should give our money to Invisible Children , but we should at least support their cause; to help the orphans and the opressed by getting rid of this Kony guy. Plus im pretty sure the filmakers are professed christians. and if they truly are christians there will be no doubt that they would be sharing the Gospel by the grace of God.

  4. How did you hear that they are Christians? I've not heard that at all.

    Okay, I understand your view now. That's one way of looking at it. And yes, we are called to help the needy. I do agree on that one.