Sunday, April 3, 2011


I enjoy memorizing things. I might not be very good at memorizing, and I admit, it does take me quite a while to memorize something to say it by heart. It takes a lot of work for me, but it's worth it.
Even in Cubbies and Awana, I struggled with memorizing things. The thing I struggle with the most in memorization is remembering the references. I'll remember the verses, but the references always seem to slip my mind.
Well, I am sure you get the point now. I am not good at memorizing, and I am not faithful at remembering the things I "memorize by heart" for months.

A few months ago, I started memorizing prayers from The Valley of Vision, and for me, those prayers have been life changing to read. Not only do they come to my mind throughout the day, but even when I'm praying, I quote from those Puritan prayers that I memorized.
Every Christian should read The Valley of Vision, it's a great book full of Puritan prayers.

To be honest, I don't really know how to pray for myself all of the time. It's easy to pray for others, but when it comes to praying for myself I just don't know how to. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but that's how I am.
Now I find myself praying prayers that I memorized from that book. And not only do I get into praying those things, I get into the mode of praying the Scriptures that I memorize.
I've only memorized two prayers so far, but this week I am starting on a new one.
And this is it:

'The Convicting Spirit'

"Thou Blessed Spirit, author of all grace and comfort,
Come, work repentance in my soul;
Represent my sin to me in its odious colors that I may hate it;
Melt my heart by the majesty and mercy of God;
Show me my ruined self and help there is in Him;
Teach me to behold my Creator,
                               His ability to save,
                               His arms outstretched,
                               His heart big for me.
May I confide in his power and love,
          commit my soul to Him without reserve,
          bear his image, observe his laws, pursue his service,
          and be through time and eternity
         a monument to the efficacy of his grace,
         a trophy of his victory.
Make me willing to be saved in His way,
  perceiving nothing in myself, but all in Jesus:
Help me not only to receive him but
              to walk in Him,
             depend upon Him,
             Commune with Him,
             be conformed to Him,
             follow Him,
              imperfect, but still pressing forward,
             not complaining of labour, but valuing rest,
             not murmuring under trials, but thankful for my state.
Give me that faith which is the means of salvation,
       and the principle and medium of all godliness;
May I be saved by grace through faith,
          live by faith,
          feel the joy of faith,
         do the work of faith.
Perceiving nothing in myself, may I find in Christ
wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption."

God Bless,

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