Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Loneliness

"What is loneliness but a sad story, long ignored and forgotten?
Is it just a sin un-dealt with and rotten?
Or is the cure, as they so often teach today, friends?
Is that the cure for lonely spirits, hiding in their dens?
So they tell you mortal men will always understand and always be there.
But it won't take long for reality to sink in and show you, you can't always be in a pair.
For your friends might be there on the weekends, but never there 24/7
How comforting it is to know you have a Father in Heaven
Here you have someone immortal, and always there to pour everything out.
And He is there healing and listening without a doubt
Fellowship with the Father is the only lasting cure to a lonesome spirit,
Time with man is no where near it.
For man's life is only a vapor, only a breathe
So easily shaken by death.
Even when no one casts a glance at you, and when the pitiful feelings sink in
The world has not succeeded in pulling you down, no, the world will not win.
Even when your friends don't care and stop to chill,
Your empty heart, your Heavenly Father will never cease to fill."

God Bless,

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