Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Story

'My Story'

"They say that what you hear and see
Will never go away.
They say that you will never be free.
They say it will always stay.
For a long time I believed it all
I thought I'd die with this chain,
I thought I would keep falling
I thought I would always be in constant pain.
I thought I'd never walk again, but keep crawling.

But one day His promise struck me deep,
He said if I asked in prayer and faith He'd give it
But what I asked for wouldn't come cheap.
I asked me be pulled from this pit
In pleads,
I asked to be freed.

It's been the hardest of all fights,
The kind that leaves you with scars
That keep you up for the longest nights.
My freedom comes with a high cost;
I'm left with a body that's been bruised,
All of my hopeful dreams are now lost,
In full, myself I have abused.
And yet God makes me free at last,
His Truth broke through the lies
That kept me a slave of my past.
He heard my cries
And has set me free."

God Bless,

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