Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keep on Walking

This poem is one I wrote about how you shouldn't let it kill you, when you feel like you see yourself through someone else's eyes. It's hard to not let what someone else thinks of you get into your head too much. And I think at times, when you have to walk away, you have to just look up to God in order to remember that you are loved by Him and that's what matters the most, even if everyone else in the world's let you down.
So yeah, here is something I wrote on it.

 "Realizing that you are not enough,
is beyond just tough.
Realizing you aren't worth the miles and time,
Makes walking away feel like you aren't worth a dime
To see those sweet words just as lies
Makes it so hard to see your worth through another person's eyes.

And when that time comes for you to move on,
Don't let your heart stay for too long
Give it all up to God,
All of these emotions in a wad.
Carry on, for God has a better way,
Don't be afraid of any mistakes, for He will tell you to go or stay
Keep in mind that He loves you so
That even through the ups and downs, He will make you grow
So when the time comes, walk on still
For your Saviour has a perfect will
In your Father, there is love
He even prepares a place for you above
He chose you when you deserved hell,
He chose you even when you fell.
He has struck worth into your soul
And anyone who doesn't see that should be found a fool
See your worth through His eyes,
And don't let your life be weighed down upon by someone else's lies."

God Bless,

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