Monday, June 27, 2011

"Whether thou art eating or drinking, walking or sitting, buying or selling, working or sleeping, death is always making speed towards thee; the time of thy departure hence is concluded and resolved, beyone which it is impossible for thee, whether they work be done or undone, to stay one day; no, not one hour, nay, not one moment, and shouldst thou waste they time upon toys and trifles, as if thou hadst nothing to do, no God to make peace with, no Redeemer to lay hold on, no soul to take care of? He that hath a great way to go, or much work to do, and that upon pain of death, andbut a little time for it, hath little reason to laze or loiter. When we have but a little paper, and much to write, we write small and thick.
Oh how much work hath every Christian to do in this world, which, if he neglect, he is lost forever! how many head-strong lusts to subdue, how many duties toward God and met to perform, how many graces to exercise, providences and ordinances to improve, and can all this be done in a little time? The candle of our lives burns low; if, like foolish children, we play it out, we may thank ourselves if we go back to bed in the dark, without the light of comforts to our graves." --George Swinnock

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