Monday, December 26, 2011

Just Another Blessing in Disguise

It's taken me weeks to figure out my thoughts on rejection. But after a few hours of putting some words together in a bad rhyme scheme I got it out! Finally finished writing it, thank God! Now the only this is to keep remembering these words, and remind myself of them over and over. 

Just Another Blessing in Disguise

"Why should I care?
Why should I worry about falling into your range?
Rejection is just an ugly dare.
You will always be telling me to change.

You give me a picture of who you want me to be,
then you hold up the mirror to pick me apart.
Now everything is on the table for me to see.
You'd never guess you were tearing out my heart.

From my looks, to my flaws, you critique me.
And now you leave me holding a mask
Of all you want me to be.
Now there is only one thing left to be ask
'Why am I not ashamed?'

Why does it feel so right to fling your mask down?
There must be a reason why I can stand in the rain.
Why don't I care anymore if you frown?
Because I've come to know that rejection is so much more than pain.

Rejection can only mean two things
You either dared to be yourself or you stood up for your beliefs.
Honor and joy should be what the pain brings
Now breath a sigh of relief
You're on the right track.

Why be ashamed of who God made you to be?
For He loves you how you are
If you have His Love, that's all you need to be free
And that alone should carry you so far.

And what soldier of the Lord will not offend?
For we are called to stand
What radical saint fades into the crowd and tries to blend?
For a saint it is an honor to be banned.

So you see that it's more than just pain
When you stand in the rain.
It's not just a testing,
But rejection is a blessing."

God Bless,

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