Thursday, April 12, 2012

"There's no such thing as the impossible
It's only a word made up by the irresponsible
The world calls people crazy
When it's only because they are determined and not lazy
They say nothing works between shores
They never take risks or dares because they refuse and look past open doors
For it's never been the laid back people who've changed the world
It's always been those people who've been labeled crazy and insane
By a "sane" man, there's never been a single gain.

And in life, to make anything happen you must first start with the small,
You must start with the little bricks to build a strong wall.
It's the steps that lead up to it that matter
So let's forget this word.
Because doing nothing will not make you heard,
Get moving now before it's too late
Take chances and risks and don't worry about your gate.
Forget what is said by the irresponsible.
And run to achieve the impossible."

God Bless,

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