Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just A Swim

"It is just a swim
Way past branching out on a limb.
Swimming in a pool of memories so bittersweet
that can only give off the sensation of life's defeat.
Through the eye there will always be a smiling face
That no one, not even death, could erase.
Through the ear, there will always be laughter and a voice,
So precious that burying them with the body isn't even a choice.
Through the hands, they will always feel that skin so warm and alive,
That touch, always in these waters will survive.
With every wave that crashes, I relive every little thing
With every wave, another type of sadness it brings.
I swim here, reliving every day we had.
Finally feeling reality sink in, and wishing I could be glad.
Buried in the dirt below, I'm left here nearly drowning.
While everyone else stands on the dock, crying and frowning.
To know that when I cry, you will be no where near.
The sky is foggy and clouded, not even close to being clear.
A burden weighs so deep inside that I might sink
My mind in all too much sorrow and pain to think.
So here I swim, in a sea of memories, too bittersweet to keep,
These memories going down far too deep."

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