Friday, May 27, 2011

The Holocaust

Yesterday I went to The Museum of Tolerance. There were many different exhibits, but we chose to just go to the one about the Holocaust. It was definitely interesting. We had to go through the whole thing with a guide. She explained everything to us, though she did leave some important things out like why Hitler wanted to kill all of the Jews. She just said because he hated them. One thing that she kept mentioning was the children, and how they were killed. She kept mentioning how terrible it was that the Nazi killed them.
At the beginning, one woman started the intro, and first off mentioned the children, and that at least a million were killed. She said it as if it were the most heinous crime in the world. And I'm not saying that it wasn't. But while she was talking, I wanted to ask her if it bothered her that we Americans do the same thing. But I didn't.
Throughout the whole tour, I kept thinking about how they kept mentioning the children dying. They acted as if there was a huge difference between us and the Nazis.
But they have failed to realize that we are no better than they were. We kill babies all the time! And the same women and doctors who make the choice to kill babies are the same people who look back at the holocaust and feel pity on all of the children who died! Think of that! They are pitying children who died years ago, and now they choose to put their own children to death! How sick is that?

Once in the tour, our tour guide told us a story about some Jews who had a child and they had to leave it in a room, and leave. But when they came back, the Nazis started throwing the babies out the window and into an open truck to kill them. And the parents had to watch the entire horrific scene.
It is a terrible thing. But how can I think that the Nazis were any worse than us? We are no better! We kill babies every day! By our own choice, not someone else's!
In the 40s I am sure that a mother would never even think of having an abortion on any child whether she didn't mean to have one or not.
More babies are killed a year in America than children who died in the holocaust. Shouldn't that effect us somehow? Shouldn't it make us sick and disgusted?
Going through the whole tour made me not so sick at the Nazis but at my own country, America.
How sick can the events of the Holocaust make you be when you compare it to the things that Americans do every day?

God Bless,

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  1. People are being deceived; it's a matter of using words like 'tissue' instead of 'baby,' and eroding away virtue.