Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What It Does Not Look Like

This is what 'Living not a moment wasted' does not mean.
It does not alone mean to study your Bible for hours upon hours each day. Nor does it mean to pray for hours and hours each day, or evangelize or teach the Word because it's what God has called you to do.
If you do those things alone, as a duty, you will waste your life.
The things that we do shouldn't be a duty for us. Studying God's Word, evangelizing, teaching, and praying are nothing without a heart of passion.
You can fill up your days all you want, but in the end, if you don't have passion, then all of that was a waste.
Sometimes I sit down and read a theology book, sure I am reading it, but my mind is only half focused. Half focused on the book and what it is trying to teach me, and half focused on worldly things.
How much do you think I am getting out of a book when I read like that?
Not much. Not much at all.
Yes, we are called to study God's Word and to pray, and in and of themselves, they are wonderful things to do. My point is that without passion and a heart to do it, you'll get no where.
You can fill your day up with good works all you want; but in the end, it's just as bad as sitting in front of the TV all day. Without the heart for whatever you are doing, it will do you no good.
'Living not a moment wasted' does not mean filling up all of your time doing good works.

God Bless,

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