Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where Is Your Joy?

Where is you joy?
Of course, when this question is asked, the first thing that comes to our minds as Christians is, "In Jesus Christ!"  I know at least that would always be my answer.
I say that in the moment, but in my life, I rarely seem to mean it.
So much of my joy is in things.
I never really thought much about that until a few days ago when one of my co-workers lost his iphone at break. We had two hours left, and that alone was devastating. He said to me at one point that he felt so empty and as if part of him was gone, in a joking manner of course. But it made me think.
I thought it was funny, and a bit pathetic of him to be so attached to his phone, but he told me, "You would be acting the same way if you lost your phone!"
And I realized he was right. I lose things quite a lot it seems. And not unimportant, I hardly ever lose those. I always seem to lose the important things.
Quite often I loose my ipod, which is important to me.
Doesn't seem important, but when it helps you write better and helps you work harder, it definitely is important.
But when I lose my ipod part of me does feel empty--my joy is ripped away so easily. Just like that.
It's pathetic really. My joy is all put into a little ipod that can be broken in a moment if someone wanted to crush it. How empty is that?
My joy will never last if it is all in my stuff. Whether it is in my computer, my ipod, my phone, my job, etc. Everything can be taken away so easily.
It's sad for me to look at my own life, and to really challenge myself to see where my joy is.
Joy in Christ is the only thing that will ever last. And yet, I find it hard to put all of my joy in Him.
In Christ, our joy can never be taken away. No one can take that away. True joy in our Savior.
God really challenged me this week, to see whether my joy is in only the things that I have or if it is only in Him.
Look at your own life, see what your ultimate joy is in.
Is it in what you drive, where you work, the people you hang out with, your family, your pets, your phone, your ipod, your computer?
Where is your joy?
And wherever your joy is, does that last? Or can it be taken so easily from you?
Where do you lay all of your joy?

God Bless.

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