Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's a terrifying thing when you fail to realize that this could be someone's last day on earth. It is a terrifying thing for me to talk to my co-workers and realize that today could be their last day. It's hard to think that when my co-workers die, most of them will spend eternity suffering in hell.
Not all of my co-workers go get drunk every weekend, have wild parties, or take drugs. Most of them don't. Most of them are hard workers, trying to help provide for their families. Most of them are morally good, to the world's standards that is.
It's hard and frightening to think that they will be gone one day. And either be in paradise with God, or suffering forever in hell.
I see them for five days a week. 8 hours a day.
It's hard to know that any day, any hour could be their last.
I am sure that you know at least one person, at your work, or school that you see every day or week who isn't a Christian. How often do you search for opportunities to evangelize? How often do you pray for those moments when someone asks us about our faith?
I think we live for the moment, at least that seems to be the problem in America. We don't live for eternity. We don't live every moment of every day in light of eternity. If we did we would seek for opportunities to evangelize to our co-workers or fellow students.
When we aren't living in light of eternity we cease to evangelize, thinking that we still have tomorrow. We could put off things day after day. Always thinking we or the people we know will live longer. It's only when death strikes that we realize how short life is.
It's hard to see through eyes of eternity. It's hard to know that my time, and their time is running out before it's too late.
As Christians, we have to live for eternity. We have to live in light of eternity--taking every opportunity. Life is short. Don't waste your opportunities. Don't keep putting them off for tomorrow, because tomorrow may not come for you or for them.
Don't live for the moment. Live in light of eternity.

God Bless,

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