Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Different Perspective

On Sunday my pastor preached a great sermon on being thankful.
And in his prayer he presented to us a new perspective of what we should be thankful for. As Thanksgiving comes around, we always say that we are thankful for all the things like a house to live in, food to eat, family to be close to, friends to hang out with, and so on and so forth. Now, not saying that being thankful for those things is wrong.
No, that's not wrong. But in his closing prayer, my pastor began naming off things like, "I am thankful for the alarm going off in the morning, because then I know I am alive. I am thankful for the huge electric bill that comes at the end of the month, because it means that we are comfortable." He named off a list of these things.
And it made me think.
We always are naming off the good things in life, but what about the other things such as trials and things that just plain annoy us?
Thinking about it, I felt like making out a list. And so here's what it would be.

I am thankful for my imperfect body, because with a perfect body I would have little endurance.
I am thankful for every bit of pain I feel that I have caused, because without it, I would not have a constant reminder of what I have done, and even more, what God has done for me.
I am thankful for conflict because without it, I would be more easily hurt and wounded.
I am thankful for the betrayals I have had in the past, because without them I would not have learned to take risks with people.
I am thankful for debates and discussions between Christians, because without them I would not grow as I have.
I am almost thankful for the past I have because without it, I would not be able to connect with people like I do.
And I think, even part of me is thankful that I still struggle because without a struggle and hatred of myself, I would have no want to go Home.

So there you have what I have been thinking about.

God Bless,

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