Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Have Fought

"Today we have fought
Maybe not as hard as we ought
But each of us has gone onto the field
Trusting in faith that God is our shield.
We have fought the devil's lies
And to some sins we have said our final goodbyes.
We have lifted up prayers in darkest troubles
We have set our gaze upward to the Cross in fatal stumbles.
We have opened the Book of Life
To set peace above our inward strife
We have fought till we were tired and sore
At times we haven't a single break from war.
And at times it shows in our faces
How hard we've been running these races
It's showing in our eyes-
The pain of this life, but still our hope rises.
It's showing in our smile
Knowing that all is in God's Hands, even when in darkness we must wait a while.
As each day passes the war grinds and shapes us
Growing our faith and trust.
Each day we are modeled to become more like our God
Each day as the world picks up the cruel rod.
But let us take courage to know we have fought
We have done our best in our own lot.
We can ed the day knowing it was not a waste,
Not played out in careless haste
For we have fought today
Now one day less on earth we have to stay.
Tomorrow we take one more step towards eternal rest,
And tomorrow we fight as we face another test."

God Bless,

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