Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Look

"Look for the people who have shown the signs,
Look for the people who have shut the blinds.
Look for the soul that has wasted away
Whose world has turned to grey.
Look for the loner in the room,
Look for the face tainted in gloom.
Look for the girl with a broken smile
Look for the girl who isn't living in denial.
Look for the ones ignored and forgotten
Look for the ones who have been deemed rotten.
Look for the ones who are beaten and broken,
For those are the ones worth more than a token.
Those are the people worth knowing
Those are the people who will help your growing.
So look for the sick of soul,
Look that you might be used as a tool.
Look for those who walk alone,
Who have no one to hear their cries and groans.
Oh look for those who struggle with the desire to be alive
Please look to help your brothers and sisters survive."


  1. Oh, this is all so true! The people who are hurting the most and need people are usually the ones who get ignored. But as Christians, we supposed to seek those people out, just like your beautiful poem says, and help them.

    This is absolutely encouraging!