Sunday, November 18, 2012

"This life has lost its comfort and joy
All this that the darkness has destroyed
There isn't much here
When death becomes less than a fear.
There isn't much will
When it's only Christ who makes your heart filled.
With a cruel world like this
The desires to stay grow shorter on the list
People hurt, bite, and leave you,
There's too much damage they can do.
When pain becomes part of this life
When what you feel daily is the stab of the knife
More and more does death become inviting,
And all the more less frightening.
When the cares of this world fade
And the coldness, into your soul invades
When the closest friends leave you behind
And the sadness starts to grind,
Remember when this world gets heavy and the heart starts to bend
Remember in light of truth that this is not your final end.
Let that pull bring you Home at last,
When the time of your days has passed.
Let your soul be ready
When the sailing on the seas is all but steady.
Set your eyes on that sweeter and better place
When God is ready to bring you Home by His Good Grace."

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