Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas List

"On this Christmas list there are one too many things
Being only what miracles of grace could bring.
I would not ask for myself,
But I'd ask for a good friend's health.
I'd ask for the pain and sickness to be gone
So that my dearest friends would not suffer long.
I'd ask for a job and a place to live for a friend
When on his own, for himself, he must fend.
I'd ask for a friend's depression to be ripped away
Replaced by marvelous light and comfort that would always stay.
I'd ask for the salvation of those I hold dear
That my loving Father might bring them near.
I'd ask for the pastors I know to find a place
Where the people will listen and not act in great haste.
I'd ask for comfort for those who've suffered great loss
So that the waves might calm and stop in mid-toss.
I'd ask for provision and food to feed
So that my friend and her children would have all they need.

Oh, of all the things I would pray for
I cannot help but remember that I'm so poor.
What power have I to change a life
Or to take away a person's worldly strife?
Though I cannot change a thing
There is a certain hope that Jesus brings.
I know that through those trials He is at work
And isn't watching down on us just as a lurk.
And though my heart breaks for those I hold dear
I know this is what's best and that to them, God is near.
So if I must change my Christmas list
Then let me settle at this
For all the Christians I know
That through their storms they might grow.
And that those who are lost
Might look upward to the Cross.
I pray these things will come true
And that in the next year they can start new.
I pray about what this Christmas brings
I pray is it built out of extraordinary things."

God Bless,


  1. This was so, SO beautiful! <3

    I'm praying that you'll have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you do.

    Love you!

  2. I was definitely thinking of you and so many others while I wrote it. *hugs* I am praying that through this next year, if your pains do not go away, that at least, you learn and grow nearer to our Heavenly Father through it all. [:

    I celebrated Christmas today, it was wonderful! Thank you. Love you too!