Tuesday, December 11, 2012

He Is Still Loving Me

"I don't understand why God would give me an answer
When I know that I deserve something even worse than cancer.
I don't understand how there could be a yes
When I know I deserve so much less.
I don't understand why He'd give me rest
Considering how poorly I've done on the test.
I don't understand why He'd set me free
When I know so many, more worthier than me.
I can't comprehend even the little streams of light
Piercing through the clouds dark as night.
I can't recall the last day I felt the light on my skin
All I remember are these raindrops pouring down my chin.
I can't imagine these clouds going away
And yet, I've come to peace if they forever stay.
And I know I will never understand that love
That always comes crashing down from above
Taking the form of rain or shine
Tainting each part of my story, in every line.
In the end, I don't understand why He'd ever say yes
As it is, from this rain, I am already so blessed."

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