Saturday, December 29, 2012


"No one cares if a man is right or wrong,
No one cares if a man is weak or strong.
No one cares to even be right
They'd rather stay in the darkness of night.
It is the plain truth that they doubt
It is the Scriptures they don't care about.
In comforting lies they place their trust,
And fall into pits as deadly as lust.
They lift the lies up to be so grand,
And shoot down those who dare to stand.
They suck in what they are told
And listen to the wolves who are bold.
They look to the preachers who are "hip" and "cool"
And call anyone who disagrees an ignorant fool.
They don't care what God's Word has to say
They let all areas turn to shades of grey.
People have stopped discerning the right from wrong
They've stopped caring if the teaching is weak or strong.
They're willingly led astray
Ending up too far away.
And yet, so few dare to stand
Too afraid of these lies, built up so grand."

God Bless,

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