Wednesday, January 9, 2013


"I say with grief that there are too many of us
I say there are too many chained to hate and lust.
There are too many struggling in the dark
There are too many who bear these red marks.
They hide them with bracelets and bands
What they themselves have done with shaking hands.
They know not what pain they bring
They know not how their actions sting.
They know not what damage to family they can do
And how blinded by their chains they are too.
They tell their friends great lies
Assuming that no one will understand their cries.
They understand not what they'll be leaving
They know not how their families will be grieving.
They know not what deep scars they'll make
They know not how many pieces of broken hearts they'll take.
They think their safe haven will be in the grave,
Because they know not who has the power to Save.
But to the world and themselves they are at loss,
Not knowing that their only Hope is in the Cross."

God Bless

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