Saturday, April 23, 2011


You are so selfish. Depression is self-centered.
And just reading that you might be thinking, "Oh, my depression isn't selfish. I don't even whine about it to people."
Just because you don't talk about your depression with others doesn't mean that it's not selfish. Why are you depressed? Because I live in a broken family. Because no one reaches out to me. Because I broke up. Because I lost my job. Because I've ruined my body.
Oh, there are so many reasons. Just think of the things I have posted above, are some of those your reasons?
They are so self-centered. Only thinking of your own self. It's all about "I, me, and myself."
Can't you see that? I beg you to cut to the core of your depression.
And even if you do realize how selfish it is, you might still say, "But I have every reason to be depressed. You don't know what it's like to be in a broken family" or "you don't know what my social life is like."
Oh my dear brother, oh my dear sister, I know life is so hard. Christ never promised us an easy life where we have the perfect life with the perfect family and friends.
In fact, God has put you in a broken family for a reason. God has put you in those situations for a reason.
And when we are in the pits of depression we must realize that it was God's will to put us in it. We must realize that everything we are experiencing is for purpose, it is for our benefit.

Now you could be thinking, "How could God put me through this? Why? I don't understand why I have to live like this. I don't understand why."
My reply to that question is "for our benefit."
Don't you know that you aren't the only one who lives in a broken family or is an outlaw at their school or work or church? You are never alone in the battles you face. There are a hundred other Christians out there who have experienced the same things you have. They are in the pits of depression like you are.
Look at how selfish you are to not even reach out to others who need encouragement.
Wouldn't you like someone to understand you and what you are going through?
Then why don't you do the same to others?
Just be honest at your church, reach out to people. They put on a mask just like you have. Oh, take off the mask. Stop wasting your life in depression. Can't you see that there is a sick a dying world out there who have been through the same things you have?
Use those things that God is putting you through to help people! They need encouragement. Just like you do. And if everyone is doing the same thing you are and wasting all of their life on trying to fulfill their depression, what good will that do?
God has put you into every situation for a purpose. And for depression, so often it can be used to reach others. Don't waste your life in depression.

God Bless,

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  1. I like your fervor, but I believe the information presented is actually not entirely factual for reasons of depression, nor does it handle the "healing" from depression accurately(to my thinking) or the medical angle. Be careful what you post about depression--harsh posts about depression aren't going to help the depressed ;(