Friday, April 1, 2011


'Because of Sin I fell'

"The fire of Hell glows strong and bright
Creating moans of death and plight
But, we refuse to change our path
Choosing instead, to forget God’s wrath

Why so blind, you freely ask? 
Death’s hidden behind a diamond mask
Lies so clever, twist all thought
Telling of comforts, cheaply bought

The precious blood of our Savior dear
Was shed for all, For those who fear
But, heeding not, our Saviors lament
We choose instead, a life of torment

Through a deadly swamp of sin we trudge
This burden on our back won’t budge
Still, we try to move it on our own
And take the burden on alone

Our breath is wasted, lost and gone 
All because, of a simple con
That lie that led us straight to hell 
Will never remove its fatal spell
The world has led us to believe
By works, Heaven we can achieve
But, Satan smiles his lie fulfilled
And earthly treasures we all guild 
But, after death, those gifts will cease
For, we never knew a lasting peace

Now, all that’s left is to despair
For now all sin has been laid bare
Justly tried, I’m damned to Hell
All because in sin I fell."

I can take no credit for this poem. It was my best friend's first poem. Of course my friend thought it was terrible, and not very good, but showed it to me anyways. It was a privilege to read it.
My friend said that some people didn't like it that much because it doesn't have a good rhyme scheme. 
I entirely disagree with them on that. 
Poetry isn't all about the rhyme scheme, in fact, some of the best poems have a lot of rhymes but not a constant flow of them. 
Some poems just don't have the "A-B-A-B" or the "A-A-B-B" structure. 
Now I would argue that if a poem doesn't have any rhymes whatsoever it wouldn't be classified a poem. 
But I don't think that people understand sometimes.
Poetry isn't all about the rhyme scheme. It's about the words.
I say the words because the words alone are what makes a poem powerful. It isn't the rhyme scheme that leaves someone in awe after they finish reading it. 
It's about the words. The words are what will stay with the readers. That's what will keep them coming back for more. 

Words that have depth and meaning to the poem. And if the poem is worth reading, like my dear friend's. 
That's what makes a poem good. When it's meaningful. When it makes people think.
Sure a steady rhyme scheme is helpful and makes it flow better, but if a few lines miss it, that alone doesn't make it a bad poem.
It's the meaning and depth of the words that matters. 
My best friend wrote an incredible poem. 
I couldn't have done any better. And considering it's the first poem that my friend wrote, I was even more impressed. 
I had the privilege of reading this, and you did too.

God Bless, 

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