Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ever read something or heard something that's convicted you. And that God's used to show you what you've been missing? God's been gracious, He showed me a few days ago what I've been missing.
He showed me my worldliness, and showed me the way to escape and showed me how to fight back.
At times my mind would get so swamped with the world, not meaning bad things in general. But when all that's on your mind is more on your daily life, or in my case, my story ideas, rather than God, something is wrong.
And that's when you fall. When you think you are fine, when you stop using your battle time walkie-talkie to God.
That's what I have been missing. I remember when I used it all of the time. When life was such a struggle, when I saw my need for Him to get through each day.
But then the world came, and in a moment, it seemed swamped my mind without me even realizing.
When I fight against temptation, I would just think about something else. What good will it do when you aren't even thinking about God in your temptation?
I had forgotten about how sweet prayer really was when you are constantly praying to God throughout the day, and not just in the morning, and not just before I do something big like a test or work. If I only pray once in the day, it becomes a duty instead of a pleasure. I had forgotten that sweet fellowship I could have with God throughout the day.
And yet, when the time came for me to see my sin, He was gracious. He kept me from falling hard. I deserved to fall hard, but He didn't let me. He has been so gracious, and I don't deserve any of His grace and mercy. Can't stop praising God for His good work of dying for my sins, and for keeping me, and not just letting me "fall away" like I would deserve if it were possible.

God Bless,

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