Friday, April 15, 2011


I met with a man this week from my new church. We sat down to talk about theology, and what doctrines we hold to. In the end, we both came to a conclusion that we both hold to the Doctrines of Grace.
It was strange, last week when I wanted to figure out what he was, theology wise, I asked him if he was a Calvinist or an Arminian. Probably not the best way to approach it. But that's how I asked it.
In our conversation I realized how hung up on the term he really was.
And now I understand why he is so against the term "Calvinist".
Because he has been hurt in the past by Hyper-Calvinists. Who just sit back and don't evangelize at all, because they find it pointless. Which is entirely un-biblical. But after that, I realized that each of us have our own stories.
After dealing with Hyper-Calvinists, I would understand why he does not want to be called a Calvinist.
Yet, in my position, from what I have been through, when people call me a Calvinist, I proudly bare that name.
Not sure how it is for you. Some people absolutely detest terms while others like me are glad to use them.
It's interesting to think about someone's past and how it affects their views. Just goes to prove that everyone has a story; at least every Christian does.

God Bless,

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