Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Does The Battle Stop on Break Time?

Does the battle stop in summer?
I've noticed that in churches a lot of times everything stops when summer hits. The book studies stop, the small groups stop, the youth group stops, pretty much everything besides the main church service seems to stop.
Do you ever notice that church activities tend to come to a halt in summer?
Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. Does the spiritual battle come to a pause in the summer?
No. The spiritual battle never ends in your life.
Just because some people have time off of work or school, doesn't mean that they need to have a break off of church activities too.
The need for Christian fellowship in places such as small groups is just as great through the rest of the year as it is in summer.

In fact, summer is one of the best times for church activites.
For one, people tend to have more time.
It seems that in summer, most people have too much time on their hands. And tend to let down their walls spiritually. And in result of letting down one's walls, sin dominates.
Letting down your walls leads to a wasted life. The moment you as a Christian feels relaxed is when the devil will capture you.
You'll start compromising your morals in order to have a "good time" with your friends, you'll start watching TV and playing games that will take up your whole day; you'll waste your life when your shields drop.
It's easy to waste your life when no one is keeping you accountable. So you see, it's important to not let your fellowship with Christians stop when summer hits.

At least to my thinking, it's important that church activities don't stop. We need to have fellowship with the body, even though it's so much harder when everything seems to stop at church.
The plain and simple fact is is that the spiritual batte will never stop in this life, not until Christ comes, of He takes you home.
But until then, never think it is alright to let your walls down, no matter what kind of time you have and no matter if it is summer or spring, or winter or fall.
The Christian life is not over during the summer.

God Bless,

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