Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open Or Private?

The worst thing that has happened this week was going to my favorite blog, and finding an open letter to one of my favorite preachers. It's a sad thing when you find the people in your own camp shooting not at the wolves who are leading people astray, but firing at their own fellow men.
That breaks me.
Perhaps it is because I already know so many people who either are led astray by false teachers, or many of the other people I know who have alright theology just go along and support the heretics and false teachers blindly.
After reading comments and talking to people, I realized I don't know quite how to say how I feel about it all. I am disappointed, and maybe that is just because I am so sick of the Reformed camp arguing about the little things when they could be shooting the real wolves.
There are some things that I won't argue with people about because I don't think the Bible is all that clear about. Some of which are the end times and spiritual gifts.

Am I against open letters to people? No, not at all. What I am against is bringing up the little things and making them a huge ordeal. Seems like once a well respected person attacks someone for something that isn't heretical, like having a vision from God, everyone else follows.
I think in this case, the person who wrote the letter should have gone to the other person in private. Now there is this huge ordeal developing again, and is giving people more of a reason to hate.
I don't like that. That really bothers me.
Maybe that is just because I am so used to people dealing with heretics and false teachers the wrong way.
I think it would be wise to draw the line between going to your brother in private and calling him out openly.
I think that if the person is preaching every week continually to his whole congregation about something like that, there is a problem. And perhaps that person does need to be called out openly. But I do believe that there is a point in which the best thing to do is to go in private to someone and to tell them where they disagree with them.
It's sad to see the people in my own camp argue with and fire at their own men. And at times, instead of writing open letters and calling out someone in public for the small things, they need to aim their guns at the wolves who are sneaking their way into the flock. Though they are important things to discuss with one another, I think that we have to draw the line between making your disagreement with someone open and going to them in private.

God Bless,

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