Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worth Fighting For

Lately it seems like there has been a lot of temptations in my life to start foolish arguments with people. Or get wrapped up in a debate that isn't even important.
The reality is is that there are going to be a lot of people in your life who just want to argue about everything. They want to argue about your opinion, they want to argue about your liberties, they want to argue about every little thing they disagree with you on.
I get that that can be frustrating, and I get that you can be tempted just to fight back.
But as Christians, that's not how we are supposed to be.
We aren't supposed to argue with everyone about things we don't agree on, whether it's about your choice in music or in books, or your preferences. It doesn't really matter in the big picture.
We were not made to fight about the little things, we were made to fight over the things worth fighting for.
There are a million things that you can fight over in your life, a million. And a lot of people just stick with the little things, arguing about things that won't even matter in eternity. Foolish things.

Then you might ask, what is worth fighting for then?
Don't let anyone ever pull you into a little one-on-one brawl about foolish things like opinions. Just shows how foolish that person is for even starting it, and shows how foolish you are for giving in.
We were meant to fight for the truth. We are called to defend the truth with everything we've got.
Your opinions aren't worth arguing over, just let it be. Sometimes that's the best thing.
If you are going to fight over something, let it be truth. Don't be swayed by the words of others. Don't prove the world you are a fool by arguing over your opinions. Sometimes it is best to let things be.
If you are going to fight, find something worth fighting for.
Make every word count. Let every word you put out there bring Glory to your Maker.
Arguing proves nothing other than how foolish you are.
Find something worth fighting for. And push it with all you're worth.

God Bless,

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