Friday, January 6, 2012


I'll expand on this poem later. Even though I told myself that I was done with writing poetry for a while--but over the last few days, been talking to a new friend about theology and heretics, one in particular.
But I  became inspired suddenly. So I decided to write.
Going to expand later; probably going to try and make it applicable for Christians, and not just a random poem about how too often Christians aren't discerning.
Anyways, here it is. Literally, just finished it.

"You do not know the wolf you
prance so happily about.
You figure all he says is true
He never let you doubt.

What a dangerous game you play
Letting him speak
You invite him to stay
And discernment is leaking.

Letting the world turn grey
Kind and powerful words he uses as the bait
Soaking in all that he has to say
In this way you choose your own fate."

God Bless,

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