Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Another Poem....

"What have been our greatest lies?
Has it been the "I'm good" in a reply to shut people out?
Has it been the smiles we put on in quick denies?
What is it that has caused them no doubt?

The only answer is in the mirror
Where your perfect smile and shining eyes hide a million tears
Let the floodgates open, releasing your fear
When you realize all you are is a mask among your peers.

Now the face you see is your greatest enemy,
You want to hate it, to flee, to fight,
Until you let the world tell you there's no remedy.
Suddenly you start thinking, but you know it's not right

You start seeing all the lies that made you believe everything was just fine.
You took the cheap way our of the pain
And you believed every line.
Now you've come through without a single gain.

You can cover up those scratches, scars, bruises, burns, but what's the use?
Even if you stay away for months, you'll still come back to pick up that knife
You're so sick of your own self-abuse
And for a moment, you think it's okay to take your own life.

All at once you've forgotten your purpose, your reason.
You've forgotten all that your Heavenly Father has done
You didn't stop to consider that it's just a dry season
Because you thought you were the only one.

But God isn't calling you to come Home just yet,
All the tragic happenings of your past are meant to be collected
When the cuts and bruises don't fade, you aren't meant to fret
Because all was set up in such a way for you to be connected.

At church you look around only to see smiling faces
They know all the right words to speak to get away
They all seem so far in their races
But in truth, they haven't the courage to say.

In the end, so many are just like you
Who struggle in the night, and in day put on a mask to fit,
The idea that you were pointless was never true
Because once you see the need, the candle must be lit.

What a testimony you could be,
Of only you rolled up your sleeves, revealing your scars
What opportunities you will begin to see
When the Truth carries you so far."

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