Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making The Most Of It

2012! Here at last, though I thought 2011 went by much too quickly. 2011 was pack full of things. And I come out of that year thankful for every bit of it; the light parts and the dark. Everything was a blessing.
God taught me so much.
He taught me a lot about people and friendships.
He taught me about freedom from addiction.
He taught me how to deal with depression.
And even at the very end of the year, He let me gather my thoughts of certain subjects so that I would have a view on them. The two most important subjects were: Depression, and rejection. Things I deal with pretty much every day. Things I struggle with.
Already this year I've struggled so hard with not falling into depression again; gathering the things that I have learned last year, I can better fight this coming year with myself.
Right now, today, it's hard not to give up and give into depression. I know that if I wasn't a Christian I would be dead. But God has me here, and He's given me things to do.
I am working hard at those things right now, working hard to make things happen--God is blessing me in those things too.
I came out of such a great year, and now I don't think this will be such a wonderful year. But whatever God has in store for me, I'm determined to make the most of it.
It's been a sad start of the year; but I am going to hold on. Going to do what God has commanded me to do. Going to make the most of this year; just like I did with last year.
Not going to give up tonight.

God Bless,

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