Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation is one of the best Non-fiction books that I have ever read. I have always loved stuff from the 1940s. I love the movies, the clothing, the hairdos, the lifestyle, the history--pretty much everything.
The book made my smile, laugh, and cry as I read it. The things they said made me cry at times, becuase I knew how true all of it was. One woman said that family time was important to everyone back then, but nowadays we don't have time for family.
Most families are broken and both parents work. No one has time for family anymore, the woman said.
And that was another thing--when a couple got married they would stay together, that's just how they were. They didn't just get divorced and move on to someone else like it's nothing. Some people did that, but they say that the great majority didn't.
So unlike today, there thousands of broken families in America.
Everything has changed so much over the last 60 or so years. Our society no longer has values and morals. And the things we accept now would shock someone who lived in the 40s. They would be shocked that we have accepted the most vile and disgusting lifestyles and thrown the things that matter most in the dump.
And that's just in our society as a whole.
But the church is a different story.
We can't expect anything from the world, but for it to get darker and darker.
But from the church we should expect more, don't you think?

The church is supposed to be the light in this dark world. But is it as it should be?
We always say we don't conform to the world. But take a step back and then tell me again that the people of God aren't conforming to this world.
Have you ever looked to see what we have accepted? Churches are beginning to accept the gays and lesbians like it's nothing. And not only are we refusing to take a stand against the world, but we will not even stand against the heretics and false teachers in our own group.
It's easier to stand against gay marriage, than it is to take a stand against a well respected false teacher in our own field.
Do you even realize how dangerous a false teacher is? Do you even understand what you are letting in your church?
There are thousands of people who are blinded by the devil and led astray by heretics, and we sit back and do nothing! Don't you see anything wrong with that?
God has given us His Word so not only will we know how to live, but so we will also know how to defend the truth. And when a false teacher comes we just follow right after him because he might be famous or well-respected in this world. We follow right after and even though we see his teaching blinding others we do nothing but follow and support him.
Am I the only one who sees something disgusting with that?

What would Calvin or Luther or Edwards say if they lived in our day and they saw what we had let in? What would they say?
Part of me says they would fall down and weep for the condition of the church today. They would weep and we just accept it all. We have forgotten how to cry.

God Bless,

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