Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Another Poem

Today I am just going to post a poem that I wrote at the beginning of this year. It's not my best, and it's not my worst. But it goes with what I last posted.
This poem is about a Christian's repentance. Like when Christians fall into sin for some time, and God breaks them down and brings them to Himself.
God is so gracious to us, and we don't deserve any of that grace at all. We were dead in our sins, and we loved sinning against a Holy God, but God chose to love us anyways. God is so gracious, even when He does let us experience the consequences of our own sin. It's always for our best. So here we go.

"My body ruined,
And what do I choose?
Sin, sin, sin
Seven, eight, nine,
One more time.
What do I bring?
A guilty conscience, a body ruined.
Where am I now?
In shame I bow
What have I to bring?
But a bruised and broken body.

In my sins I was dead,
Until He washed me in red.
He died for me
Knowing that I would willingly destroy my body,
knowing that I would keep falling and failing.
He died.
What more motivation do I need?
If I beg and plead,
He will keep me.
From my addiction, I am set free."
God Bless,

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