Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Plan

 So I just came up with the most ingenious plan for my writing.
I have officially accomplished all of my goals for March, and I was considering making goals for April. The only goal I have for April is to finish reading Calvin's Institutes, which I have about 300 more pages left. This will definitely be a challenge.
Anyways, I came up with a brilliant writing plan for this year. This is how it will go.

I. I am going to spend at most, two months editing AD.

II. Then over Summer I am going to write the last book in the series: DVSAD.
     --Not going to have a whole lot of time to write this Summer, so I am at least going to finish writing the     first draft.

III. After Summer I will spend the rest of the year editing DVSAD.
And then I will be done! Officially I will be finished with the DD series. And I can finally move on to bigger and better projects.

Now, I will write about something that I was thinking of this week.
I was talking to a friend this week about Christian fiction. I told him that most of it was clique, and the writing was mostly the same. He argued that it wasn't and that it was unique.
This is something I would argue till death about.
I have read quite a few books that would be labeled Christian Fantasy. Most tend to be the same. Their writing style is almost always the same, there isn't anything unique about it. Their stories are about characters who either are in the real world, and somehow get into a fantasy world, and go on a quest and become a "Christian" on the way, OR it's about a character who is already in a fantasy world that must go on a quest and on their way becomes a "Christian".
Sometimes there are stories where the characters are already Christians but they must go on a quest, and it changes the person so that they will have more faith, or that they won't be so selfish.
I wouldn't mind if some people did those stories, but the problem is is that almost everyone is doing them.
The Christian fantasy genre has become so clique these days.
There is only one author who has broken that flow, but I would never recommend his books to you or anyone else.
Something is wrong with this. Terribly wrong.
The one man who has broken the flow and come up with some great plots and has a different writing style is a heretic. And the others who have decent theology are just going with the flow and don't care if their stories are clique and if their writing isn't much better than a kid in High school.
I know young people who can write better than some published Christian authors can.
Do you see something wrong with that?
Maybe people are aspiring to be too much like the successful authors of this genre. They aren't looking to be unique. If you want to glorify God in writing, and if He has given you the heart and talent, then you better be ready to push it for all you're worth.
Christian Fantasy has grown so pathetic.
Who will break that flow?
May God raise up men and women who will break that flow.

God Bless,

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