Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can they tell?

On Thursday nights I always seem to have the most interesting conversations with people. At least that's true for the last two Thursdays.
One of the things I discussed with someone was how Christians should be holy. And about Christians looking just like the Non-Christians. Makes me think, do I look just like the world? Is it evident at work that I'm different? Or am I just like everyone else?
Some people think that to reach unbelievers, you have to be just like them, watch the same things they watch, read the same things they read, laugh at the same things they laugh at.
But that isn't really being a light, that is conforming to the world. And that is exactly what the Bible warns us not to do.
Do we even realize that we are laughing at the very things that God hates? Do we even care about what God thinks of the things we watch and read? Or do we live as an Atheist and think that God doesn't see us at that very moment. Or are we leaving on cheap grace, that it's okay if we sin, because God will forgive us?
Is there something different about us? Not just our talk, but our walk too?

Worldliness, something that every Christian struggles with to an extant.
 The Bible calls us to be set apart. Are we really? What is different in how we walk and talk?
Are we God-centered in our life? Because if we truly are God-centered, then won't in our lives?

What good will we be in the world today if we are just like the world, if we are just like the non-Christians? If we really love the unbelievers here, then we won't be just like them, we won't try and reach them through being worldly. We love them by showing them the truth.
And I will clarify, not "throwing" the truth at them, but showing it to them in love. That is what they need, they need the truth. And if we really love them we won't keep it from them.
But how can we even think of trying to present the truth to them if we are just as worldly as they are? What good will it to be to tell them about Christ's work on the Cross, and say that God changes them, when you aren't changed yourself? What confidence does that unbeliever have that he or she can be changed? If you a professing believer are not changed yourself. A Christian might have all of the right theology and know exactly what to say to a non-Christian, but in the end, does your walk match your talk?
If you aren't fighting against worldliness, and you aren't growing spiritually, what use are you if you're like the world?
Is there even a difference between us and the world? Or are we just like them?

I wish I could have gotten my point across clearer, because I don't think that it did. I pray that this didn't turn out like some rant about nothing. But it is just something I have been thinking about this past week.

God bless,


  1. brilliant post! very thought provoking... and so true, as always lol
    i thought you got your point across pretty good :) keep up the awesome posting! :D looking forward to reading the next one :)

  2. This is so true! We must show the world what it is to be changed by Christ! Very convicting and thought provoking!

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