Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am not sure how to launch off a blog, or anything for that matter, but if anyone starts reading this blog they might ask why I named it, "Living, not a moment wasted," so I will give you an answer before you ask me. I named it because that is the one thing that has stuck to me almost ever since I became a Christian.
Don't waste your life. Live for eternity.
I hear about people dying every day, I hear it on the radio and the news, you hear it everywhere. People die each day. And all must stand before their Maker one day.
Even Christians must give an account for how they lived, and how they spent their time.
That terrifies me. I am not prepared to stand before my Maker, and tell Him that I had done nothing for Him. Because I haven't. I have done nothing in light of eternity.
So I have evangelized a few times, and defended my faith, and served my church. But what is that compared to men like Spurgeon or Edwards did.
You know one of the things that made those men great? Not only their prayer life, but their use of their time. How do you use your time? Do you make the most of your opportunities?
We were put on this earth to glorify God, so what are we doing, wasting our lives on things that will perish? What are you doing watching TV and surfing the web all day? Why waste your life?
I post this sermon jam because it has inspired the name of this blog, and it impacts me every time I watch it.
Don't waste your life. Live for eternity.



  1. My favorite Paul Washer video, thanks for sharing.

  2. It's mine too--have seen it so many times, showed it to almost everyone I know. Convicts me of my use of time whenever I watch it.