Thursday, February 24, 2011

I never name my writings

It's rare that I will ever name a random piece of writing, because I can never think of a good name.
Even for some of my stories, like the last one I wrote, I left it as "Turk's Story" because I couldn't think of an official name.
I am not that creative!
Anyways, I am going to post something that I wrote in May of last year. It is not my best writing, but I am going to post it to prove that I am not that great of a writer to a friend of mine. I told her that at the beginning of the week I was terrible at it. She said I can't say my writing is bad, but once you read this you will agree with me. =P
Anyways, here it is.

"I hold the gun. There are six of us. This is the last of our trials together.
I aim the gun at Tony. I have never seen him so scared, his knees are trembling beneath him like an earthquake. I pull the trigger, the gun clicks.
Tony lets out a gasp and stands frozen, staring at me in unbelief. I aim it at Serah, she is nearly in tears. I pull the trigger and the gun clicks.
I aim the gun at Sue, tears are welling in her beautiful green eyes. I barely manage to pull the trigger, but I do. The gun clicks. She collapses on the ground, sobbing, and Serah bends down to gather Sue in her arms.
Three of us left...but not for long.
I point the gun at Bernard, his eyes are frozen on the gun. The trigger is pulled and the gun clicks.
Tim and I are nearly sweating now, as our eyes meet. I can feel the rest of my gang's eyes on me. I am their leader.
Tim slowly nods at me in reassurance, reminding me of my duty as their leader.
My hand trembles as I point the gun at my faithful friend. I pull the trigger and the gun clicks.
I hear a gasp from Sue.
"No, don't do this, Allan!" Serah cried.
But no one moves. We are all frozen.
In silence, I look at Tim just in time to see a tear streak down his cheek. I have never seen him cry, nor shed a single tear.
Hand trembling, I raise the gun to my now open mouth. The gun feels cold in my mouth, my throat is tight in fear. There is no time for goodbyes.
I pull the trigger, the bullet fires."

So there you go. Now you will let me say that I am a terrible writer.  =P
Anyways, hope that all of you not-so-faithful followers have a wonderful day!

God bless,


  1. Have you thought of asking Aerosmith if they could use the lyrics? They could be a good fit…


  3. Oh, I have heard their songs.
    But what does that have to do with what I posted?

  4. It fits with their repertoire:

    Probably their biggest song…

  5. Ah, I see.
    I never knew that song existed.