Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goals for March 2011

Alright, this isn't going to be much of a post, but I reassure you, I am going to post something spiritual on Monday. I promise. Just hold on.
Now, I don't usually make goals for months, but I am going to make one this month, becuase otherwise I won't get much done.
So here we go.

I. Finish first edit of Iceblade ((the first part of AD, the story I am editing right now)). Which isn't very far in the big picture, but this week wasn't all that great for editing. At most I only edited a fight scene, and a part where I introduce the Iceblade to my characters. So, those were important parts, but such a drag to get through.
Anyways, I need to finish that soon.

II. Finish reading Holiness by J.C. Ryle.
I need to finish it becuase I have been in the middle of it for...a few months actually. Have 8 chapters left, I believe. It's an excellent book, whether you are Calvinistic or Arminian, it is a fantastic book for both groups. Ryle presents a lot of deep subjects to think about, it's an excellent book for every Christian.

III. Finish reading the section 'The Knowledge of God the Redeemer' in John Calvin's Institutes.
Which is a little less than 200 pages now. Gives me a little hope, but it's still a lot to read.
I say that becuase I am lazy, and don't spend all that much time with dead guys anymore. Which is really bad, becuase I need to start hanging out with them more. Have a lot to learn from them.

IIII. Finish the second WoT book, The Great Hunt.
I have a little less than 200 pages on this one too. Except it's much easier for this one, because I don't have to use so much of my mind and be so focused. It's Epic Fantasy, that's why.

Anyways, those are my goals for this next month. And I promise you guys, I will post something spiritual on Monday. Hope that all of you have a fantastic weekend!

God bless,

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