Friday, February 18, 2011

The Weather....and my inspiration

This week has been the best writing week of the year so far. Logically, it shouldn't be, not at all. It should be one of the worst. There are two main reasons why this week should not have been my best writing week.
 I. I can't stand the story that I have to edit. It's terrible. I wrote it a year or so ago. Do you know how much my writing has changed since then? A lot. It's a drag trying to edit all of this. And, plus, I never knew how long it was till now. I might be half way done with it and it already has nearly 20,000 words. None of my stories are supposed to be that long! And this is part I of the entire story, and I thought that the second half was long. I have never made it to 50,000 words after editing and cutting. But maybe I will this time. Who knows.

II. Because the weather men lied to me. They said we would have a big rainstorm today. And at 7 in the morning I wake up and it's as sunny as it can be. Surprise, surprise. Now it's almost 10 and it's as dry as it can be. There goes my inspiration. So much for the rain in South CA. I should know better than to get my hopes  for rain.

Those are two very good reasons that I shouldn't be inspired. And yet, I had a fantastic writing week. Figure that. Maybe it's because I only give myself 40 minutes to write, and I want to finish this story. It seems that whenever I wake up at 5 do my stuff, and then sit down at 8 to write an hour, I write less then, than I do when I wake up at 7 and give myself 40 minutes to write. I still don't really understand that.
 Well, next week probably won't be any better. I need to get this story finished, at least the first half soon. Maybe I should just wake up at 7 every morning till I get it done?
I don't know. Depending on what happens today, I will decide what I will do for next week.
Other than trying to edit AD, the second book in the DD series, I have to work on the outline for the third book in the DD series.
I wrote the ideas sometime last year, and I have almost no direction whatsoever in making this outline. And I need to do it soon. So I have that to think about as long as editing.
I usually love outlining, but right now it's tough, becuase I am not sure how to approach it.
Might consider using the Snowflake method. Anyways, there's my writing life right now.
So two things I have to figure out this week:

I. How to approach my outline for the last DD book.

II. Figure out when to wake up.

Sad thing about myself, as a writer. Some writers are most inspired in the afternoon, or at night, or at odd hours of the morning like 2 or 3. I write better in the morning, any time in the morning really. Except not at 12--4, because if I take a "new" medication that I am on the night before, I am totally out of it by 12. So, my only option is to wake up early and write.
Sad, I know. Wish I would write better in the afternoon or at night. But that's just how I am.

"I write when I am inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning." --Peter DeVries

That is a quote that I should live up to. Except it should say 8 o'clock every morning. =D
Well, I am sure that I just bored you to tears about my life as a writer. I will stop now, for your sake.

God Bless,


  1. love it! XD awesome haha

    that is pretty long O_o and i know exaclty how that is, editing something you wrote a year ago xD it can get pretty... frustrating. i always find myself think "What on EARTH were you thinking?" ;)

    no rain D: thats too bad :( those weathermen should update their computers or something haha

    like i said before, awesome post xD

  2. Heh, tell me about it.

    The sky is growing might rain in the end. =P Hope it rains before it's too dark though.